Seminar series: Technology

How technology is changing the start of life, the inner life, artificial life and the end of life

Technology is changing the nature of our world, our society and our personal lives. But the effects run even deeper, because it seems as though technology is changing what it means to be human. Reproductive technology can alter how human beings are created, developments in neuroscience are changing the way our brains work and artificial intelligence is starting to shift the way we understand ourselves. In a world that is increasingly dominated by intelligent machines what will human beings be for? These questions are too important to leave to the scientists and experts.

At the 2019 Keswick Convention I delivered a series of seminars exploring how we can respond to this revolution intelligently and practically as followers of Christ, and from the perspective of the historic biblical faith. This seminar series is not just for technical specialists but for everyone who wishes to understand our modern world better, engage more effectively and live more faithfully.

You can purchase a recording of each seminar in the series below.

Part 1: Technology and the beginning of life – Reproductive tech, prenatal screening and genetic engineering.

Part 2: Technology and the inner life – Brain science, mental health and human-machine merging

Part 3: Technology and artificial life – AI, simulation and virtual reality

Part 4: Technology and the end of life – Euthanasia, suicide and end-of-life care

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