Coronavirus 1

Christians in times of plague

Our first ever episode of Matters of Life and Death kicks off a short series on coronavirus. Today we take a lightning tour through the history of the church, going all the way back to the Roman Empire, to try and see how Christians have responded to times of plague in the past. What might we have to learn by looking back at times when the world was, as today, convulsed by a devastating virus? Is there wisdom to glean from the way believers in previous generations have acted during pandemics? And why might we interpret these moments of crisis differently today?

I also led a webinar for the International Christian Medical and Dental Association on this topic, which you can view here. An article fleshing out some of the ideas in this podcast can be read here.

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  1. An immensely insightful and informative podcast. Love the reminder that God IS STILL in control! Even a year plus since you originally aired this message. Thank you.

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