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Coronavirus vaccines 2


We received a fascinating question from a listener after our last episode on vaccines, picking up on the competing and perhaps contradictory philosophies behind the anti-vax movement. So we decided to respond to their question and thoughts with a special bonus episode looking over this issue and other developments in coronavirus vaccines since.

You will probably want to listen to the main episode on vaccines first.

We have subsequently recorded a third episode looking into vaccines, which explores the complex ethical debate over the use of cell lines derived from an aborted fetus, as well as concerns over how we can be sure the vaccine is safe.

For more reading on these issues, I have published an article exploring Christian ethics around vaccines which you can read here. You can also read an FAQ which tackles some of the questions people are concerned about here.

We’re really interested in hearing more questions and comments from listeners – if you have something you would like us to discuss or respond to, please email

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