Podcast: Does AI bear man’s image?

How can we avoid making future intelligent machines idols in our own image?

The prophet Isaiah speaks of the foolishness of those who bow down to the work of their own hands, idols made of wood that cannot speak and have no power of their own. And yet the irony of idolatry is that idols come to have a strange power over us and our actions. In this podcast, recorded with the Beatrice Institute, we discuss how the development of AI will change us as humans. If we are image bearers created in the likeness of God, is mankind then making AI in its own image? How do we respond to the desire to “upgrade” humanity in light of the Incarnation and Resurrection?

For more on this topic, you could look at The Robot Will See You Now, a multi-author book I co-edited which examines various ways the rise of artificial intelligence and robotics might intersect with human society and culture.

I also recorded a pair of episodes in my own podcast Matters of Life and Death exploring whether robots should have rights akin to people, you can listen to them below.

Robot rights 1

Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws, fauxbots, whimpering miniature dinosaurs, and inherent or conferred personhood

Robot rights 2

Rejecting self-definition, the citadel of human uniqueness, rehashing ‘God of the gaps’, and evangelising at androids

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