I’ve written three books which seek to explore a range of topics in medical ethics from the perspective of the historic Christian faith.

I have also uploaded my own short reviews of influential and significant books by other writers who are grappling with medical ethics, advances in technology and the interplay between science and faith. You can find these by clicking here.

My first book was Matters of Life and Deathfirst published by IVP in 1998 and then comprehensively revised and updated in 2009. I look at a range of complex and controversial issues at the beginning and end of life and provide an overview of how the biblical Christian understanding of humanness provides a perspective which makes sense and which leads to practical and realistic responses. The book which is written for lay-people as well as medical professionals draws  on my clinical experience as a paediatrician and combines real-life human stories with theological and philosophical reasoning. Matters of Life and Death has sold over 10,000 copies and has been translated into more than 10 languages including French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Chinese.

I also have created, with CARE and Keswick Ministries, a five-part study guide and course which explores Matters of Life and Death, focusing on the debate around assisted suicide. You can order it here.

My second book, published in 2015 is called Right To Die?. This short book unpacks the polarised debate around assisted suicide and euthanasia, provides Christian responses to the main arguments in favour of assisted suicide, and shows how palliative care provides a compassionate and effective means of caring for people at the end of life. As Dr Cicely Saunders, the pioneer of palliative care said, “You don’t have to kill the patient in order to kill the pain.”

My most recent book is Dying Well, which was published in June 2018. This is a companion volume to Right To Die, written for a person who is facing the diagnosis of a terminal illness and for relatives and carers. It provides practical resources from both a medical and a Christian pastoral perspective on how to approach the last months, weeks and days of one’s life. My conviction is that dying can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for fulfilling dreams, healing relationships, leaving a personal legacy and encouraging others. After all dying well is just the continuation of living well to the very last day of our life.

You can find links to buy any of my books on the individual pages, as well as reviews and commendations.