Alongside my main interests in medical ethics, advancing technology and issues of science and faith, I also teach and write about the historic Christian faith. In particular, I try to build a conceptual bridge between the technological and ethical issues of the modern world and the world of the orthodox Christian faith.

Along with my son, the journalist Tim Wyatt, I also run a podcast called Matters of Life and Death, which seeks to help Christians navigate and respond to issues in healthcare, ethics, science, technology and more. Find out more and listen to the latest episodes here.

You can find talks, sermons and other resources focused on the Christian faith that I have uploaded below:



The church

John Stott

Double listening, salt as preservative, incarnational mission, and the challenge of evangelical hagiography

Abusive leadership

Mark Driscoll, the hermeneutic of suspicion, Sigmund Freud’s chaise longue, and Paul-Timothy relationships

Digital church

Worship on Zoom, pandemic revival, time-shifting and Gnosticism

Christian living


Article: The doctor’s worldview

Pluralistic modern societies are a feature of modern healthcare systems and so we must grapple with the physician’s hidden presuppositions

I’m a regular speaker at churches and Christian conferences. Click here to contact me if you would like to book me to speak at your event.