The coronavirus pandemic has taken over much of our lives in the past months. But it has also raised a series of unexpected and pressing questions. Some of these are especially relevant for those working on the frontline in hospitals and other medical facilities. But even those of us stuck at home are being faced with ethical dilemmas and unprecedented emotional demands.

Although I would not begin to claim to have all the answers, I have gathered some resources on this page which I hope might spark conversation and thinking for doctors, Christians and just about anyone during this era of Covid-19.


One of the biggest topics of debate right now is over the vaccine for coronavirus, which is now starting to be rolled out in the UK and in other countries across the world. I have a set of resources to help people think through the ethics and better understand the science and facts.

You could start with this article which tackles some of the frequently asked questions people have and should assuage concerns over the safety of the vaccine.

This piece addresses more of the ethical questions Christians and others should think through when considering the vaccine.

I also took part in a debate with Dave Brennan from Brephos on this issue, which you can watch here.

Finally, I wrote a blog for Premier Christianity magazine answering some more questions their readers had about vaccines.

Then we have a series of three episodes of my podcast which explore some of these ideas in more depth:


I wrote a chapter in the recently published Healthy Faith and the Coronavirus Crisis about how Christians can face death well. You can now buy the book here, which includes a series of excellent contributions on everything from loneliness to unemployment, from prayer to evangelism from writers including Tom Wright, Krish Kandiah, Kate Wharton, Dan Strange and Jill Weber.


Several episodes of my podcast, Matters of Life and Death, also tackle various aspects of the pandemic, including the ethics of vaccines, the history of the Christian church during times of plague, and how coronavirus intersects with issues in technology.

You can find all the episodes of my podcast Matters of Life and Death here and if you want to subscribe so each episode is automatically sent to your phone or tablet, you can click here.

Other resources

Here are some other resources to read and watch to dig deeper into some of these ideas and equip you during this uncertain and unprecedented time: