Medical ethics

I have been actively involved in the world of medical ethics for more than 25 years, as a practising clinician, clinical teacher, speaker and writer.  My writing and work in this rapidly changing field falls into several categories.

On the topics of abortion and euthanasia and the end of life, I have collated introductions to the key issues, alongside resources such as videos, podcasts, interviews and articles. I also have a section of resources on neonatology, which was my primary clinical specialism as a doctor, and an introduction to the fast-changing intersection between neuroscience and ethics.

I am also engaged in discussion in a number of other categories, including infertility and reproductive technology, prenatal and fetal screening, genetics and gene editing, personhood, and emerging technologies. You can see some resources on these below.

My three published books address different topics in medical ethics. Matters of Life and Death is a wide-ranging overview of the major issues: including reproductive technology, fetal screening, genetics, abortion, neonatal care, assisted suicide and euthanasia. Right To Diezooms in on the heavily contested areas of assisted suicide and euthanasia and how to respond with compassion to those facing unbearable pain or terminal conditions. My latest book, Dying Well, approaches the question from a pastoral perspective and offers practical advice and resources for an individual facing a terminal illness and for relatives and carers.

Other resources

Lecture: Who cares if we live?

Patients are increasingly being given God-like information on their lives – but have we developed God-like responsibility for this?

Article: The doctor’s worldview

Pluralistic modern societies are a feature of modern healthcare systems and so we must grapple with the physician’s hidden presuppositions

Infertility and IVF

Hidden wounds, premature quintuplets, embryo donation and the procreative-unitive bond