Abortion has become a highly polarised and toxic issue in our society. It seems as though those who argue for and against abortion lob verbal grenades at one another, without any kind of genuine dialogue or understanding. Very often there is no real engagement, or meeting of minds. But I believe that when we try to enter this battleground, our Christian task is first to listen and to understand, to empathise. Only in this way are we going to be able to speak with integrity, with authenticity and with compassion.

To start exploring this important topic, you can read my short introductions to some of the key themes:

To go deeper into some of these issues, please take a look at some of the resources I have uploaded to the website:

Pregnancy crisis 1

A constructive Christian response, heads versus hearts, feeling like a ‘bad feminist’, and the three options

Pregnancy crisis 2

Paternalistic gynaecologists, holding truth with grace, ambiguity in the ultrasound clinic, and refusing the culture war

There is also plenty of more material on abortion in my book Matters of Life and Death, in particular chapter six.