Along with my son Tim Wyatt, a religious and social affairs journalist, I run a podcast called Matters of Life and Death. Each episode is a conversation between the two of us discussing how Christians can engage with a particular issue around healthcare, ethics, technology, science or faith. You can subscribe to the podcast on all podcast apps, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts, or you can listen to our latest episodes below.

Coronavirus: Misinformation Matters of Life and Death

Microchips. Bill Gates. The mark of the beast. 5G cell towers. False positive rates. Big pharma. DNA alteration. It’s been hard to avoid the swirling morass of misinformation and conspiracy theories around the pandemic. And this confusion and fear have surged in recent weeks as the first covid vaccines have begun to be rolled out. But why have so many people, including many in the church, fallen for untruths about coronavirus? Where has all our trust – in government, in science, even in doctors – gone? How can we steer a clear path through the toxic brew of lies and misinformation swamping the internet and social media? Read the World Health Organisation's guide to navigating the 'infodemic' and verifying online information here: who.int/news-room/spotlight/let-s-flatten-the-infodemic-curve See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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So far, the podcast has focused on the pressing issue of the moment, the coronavirus pandemic.




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